County B.L.#052550/ City B.L. # 006949

We strive to provide the most exceptional snow removal  services in the South Lake Tahoe City area. We provide services to the Meyers area, Christmas Valley, South Upper Truckee Road, North Upper Truckee Road, Tahoe Paradise, Montgomery Estates, South Lake Tahoe City and surrounding areas. Using snow blowers and shovels only, we safely remove snow from your driveways, walkways, patios, and steps to your door. At Snow Dog's, we aim to keep the clarity of Lake Tahoe. We offer Eco-friendly and Pet-friendly salts to avoid ice build up and chemical burn for your pups. Also during the summer, we offer a basic yard maintenance and  clean-up service. If you need your yard prepped for winter , give us a call. Be sure to check out our discounts! Become apart of our pack today and learn to know the feeling of receiving quality and trustworthy service. Go to the photo gallery as well and observe our before and after photographs. To be known, we are not contracted in the state of California to perform jobs over $500. CHECK OUT OUR YARD CARE WEBSITE> www.snowdogsyardcare.webs.com


"Once you join the pack, you'll never go back!"

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Bruce J. -   I have been very impressed with Snow Dogs services and their level of service. They have done an excellent job on all the work I have given them and there does not seem to be anything they cannot handle, from planning, construction, maintenance to clean up. Their communication is top notch, and that is where it always starts. I am not easy to impress and Shawn and Carmen have really impressed me with their outstanding service and attention to detail. Highly Recommended.

Liza S. -  They are the best. I found Snow a Dogs a few months ago on Craigslist and hired them just to do our defensible space spring cleanup. 82 bags of hard work later  we asked them about putting in pavers for our BBQ in the back yard. Best thing we ever did and somehow the project grew quickly! Before the patio, they designed and installed BMPs to stop the erosion in our back yard. We were very impressed at their proactive approach in looking at the our problems, designing a solution and making sure it met all the requirements. Everyone mentioned to us (without us bringing up the subject) how hard they were working, including neighbors, the folks who delivered the gravel and the contractor working across the street. How good a job did they do? Well, in the freak storm we had last week, the street was covered with rocks and debris, much of our parking pad washed away, neighbors homes flooded and we lost much of our gravel (the water was so strong it moved several very large rocks), but our BMPs held and no new erosion. The proof is in the pudding, They are punctual, have great communication, look at the big picture and make recommend solutions to issues you didn't know you had ( but would have found out at a later date with expensive consequences) and I highly recommend hiring them.

Jim C. - I found Snow Dogs because they live near my house in Meyers. I used them for three things: installed drainage rock to divert water flowing down my driveway and into the garage; built a parking pad covered with paving stones; and removed Manzanita bushes and built a dry creek in the side yard. They do great work, charge fair prices, and are great to work with. I've engaged them for snow removal this winter.

Debbie D. -  We were so happy to find Snow Dogs for our yard maintenance in South Lake Tahoe.  They were very receptive to the fact that we really needed our front and back yard cleaned and free of debris as soon as possible as we were putting our rental up for sale and needed pictures.  Not only did they meet our expectations, that exceeded them!  They were prompt, gave us an on site estimate, quickly did all of the work and sent us before and after pictures!  I don't think you could ask for anything more.  I would recommend them for any yard maintenance project big or small.  Thank you snow dogs, you got our FIVE-STAR RATING!


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